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Our openings are as follows:

Every room is on a Waiting List
We are accepting new Preschool and Pre-K registrations for Summer and Fall 2015

Accepting Infant Enrollment for October 2015 and after.

To reserve a space, you would pay the registration and first week's tuition and the space is garanteed for you!  

Please call to schedule a tour and reserve a space for your child 602-274-7557.

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Updated 10/22/2014

Welcome to Phoenix Preparatory Preschool

Phoenix Preparatory Preschool is an academic preschool and child care.  

We accept children from four weeks old to seven years old with classrooms being divided by age. Preschool hours are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Please call to schedule tours and learn about tuition rates.

Margot Magnum, our Director since opening in January of 2007, has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Accounting and Finance Management and has taught in the public schools for ten years.  For the academic year of 1998-1999, she was nominated Arizona Teacher of the Year. 

All of our State-certified teachers are highly trained with an average of five years’ experience teaching in child care facilities.  Each has a valid fingerprint card, a current TB test, and a verified background check.  Our teachers have risen to the challenge of educating our current 49 children from diverse backgrounds and cultures in a traditional early childhood education environment.

Our children are amazing!  We have high expectations of our students.  Children are required to be in attendance by 8:30 a.m., so all of the children maintain the same schedule and may participate in the morning recess. This allows the children an outlet for their energy and guides the focus to the day’s tasks.

Children are taught phonics, letter formation and recognition, reading readiness skills, geography, mathematics concepts, hygiene, positive interpersonal interactions, appropriate classroom behavior, and a love of learning!  Sign Language is taught beginning in the Infant room with Spanish instruction starting in the one-year-old classroom, and Chinese Language is introduced at the two-year-old level.  Negative behaviors are redirected, and parents are notified of problems.  We will all work together to resolve the issue.

Phoenix Preparatory Preschool is not a daycare; we focus on educating children.


Phoenix Preparatory Preschool

Our Preschool and Child Care goals for your child are to:

  • Offer a curriculum, which encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. 

  • Teach children to relate to others, value friendships, and respect all people. 

  • Provide a safe, comfortable environment for early learning and growth processes. 

  • Help each child learn to develop self-discipline, independence and deal with his or her emotions in an appropriate manner. 

  • Provide a well-balanced schedule of activities. 

  • Serve nutritious meals that contribute to the growth and development of a happy, healthy individual.


We are a smaller Quality Child Care Center with 49 children of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The class rooms are separated by age. Teachers are State certified for childcare/daycare; all holding a valid fingerprint card, TB test, a minimum of High School graduates, with clean backgrounds that have been verified and at least 5 years experience teaching in a child care facility. We have high expectations of our teachers, and they meet the challenge well!

Our children are amazing! They excel in our traditional early childhood education environment. Negative behaviors are redirected. When issues arise, parents are notified.  The teacher, administration, and parent/s all work together to resolve the issue.